Inno Morolong Claims She Used To Hook Her Friends Up With Prince Kaybee

With Inno Morolong, there is never a shortage of drama. At least, she has just shown this aspect of her life once again with her revelation that she used to hook up her friends to Prine Kaybee.

The latest drama started after Prince Kaybee reportedly unfollowed her on Instagram. In a clip shared on the gossip blog Maphepha Ndaba, she claimed that she used to be friends with Prince Kaybbe and would also do him favours like bring her friends to him for coital liaisons.

This isn’t the first time the two have been involved in a drama of sorts. however, Previously, when the controversial DJ Cyan Boujee went public with her claim that Prince Kaybee asked for adult content from her when she was still a teen, Inno Morlong found herself in the whole drama as well.

At the time, Cyan Boujee had also claimed that Prince Kaybee was the first celeb she got down with. When Mxansi thought the whole controversy had gone for good, a new wave of drama erupted, this time with Inno Morolong as the main character. Can you beat that?

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Prince Kaybee will react to the latest revelation.

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