Inno Morolong Drags Tebogo Thobejane For Being Cheap

Inno Morolong drags Tebogo Thobejane on social media for being cheap and easy to sleep with.

Imagine waking up to so much drama. That’s what’s happening right now in the entertainment industry. The feuds are no longer brewing, but have spewed out of the pot. This time, Inno Morolong is dragging Tebogo Thobejane for so many things that would have you gasping.

The Mzansi star recently shared videos accusing Tebogo of calling her an old rag in front of her boyfriend. She also alleged that Tebogo sleeps with multiple men without a condom, and claims that she’s jealous of Faith Nketsi.

She continued saying that Thobejane has been with a South African president. According to her, she had a threesome with him and one of her friends. She also claims that she misspent R1million given to her by one of her daddies. She further called her empty and says she doesn’t have time for her kids.

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