Inno Morolong Gets Dropped by Tumelo Ramaphosa Following Abuse Allegations From Babalwa Mnemo

YouTube star and club hostess Inno Morolong gets dropped by Tumelo Ramaphosa for abuse allegations from Babalwa Mnemo a day before her boxing match.

Fans have been looking forward to the boxing match between Inno Morolong and GBV activist Ashleigh Ogle at the Studex on 21 April at the Durban ICC, but that isn’t happening anymore. However, a day before the match, businessman and organiser Tumelo Ramaphosa dropped Morolong after club hostess and former model Babalwa ‘Barbilicious’ Mneno accused her of abuse.

Babalwa wrote, “Nobody should waste their hard-earned money to go watch that boxing match. Ashleigh has already lost the fight because Inno gave Tumelo Ramaphosa the main promoter a girlfriend. Duhh!” referring to Eva Modika.

A source told Zimoja that Morolong was told that she will be replaced by MMAF All-African 2018 Flyweight Champion, Cassandra Le Roux. The source said, “Barbilicious really caused a mess. She made Tumelo panic and worry about associating his brand with someone who is being labelled a bully.”

They continued, “The fight involves a lot of sponsors and he doesn’t want to jeopardise his reputation. Inno was a great candidate, she has the numbers. She is harmless, and just an entertainer, but people like Barbs take her seriously. Yes, bullying is a serious matter, but Inno is harmless.”

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