Inside Khutso Theledi’s wedding with Italian boyfriend

A while back, she shared about her trip to Italy with her boyfriend to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. She has also shared the warmth with which she was received. ultimately ending with how blessed she is to be a part of the family.

Well, South African media personality and Metro FM  host Khutso Theledi has seemingly cemented her blessings by officially getting married to her Italian lover. of course, she couldn’t be happier. It was the manifestation of a longstanding dream – a wedding with her Italian boyfriend. Now, she can cling to her Italian lover in an eternity of bliss, until death intrudes.

Pictures from her traditional wedding are currently making the rounds online. Some of them have even gone viral, indicating the massive interest in those pictures and how they seemingly resonated with a lot of people online.

For some of Hutso’s fans, it goes beyond celebrating her marriage to a man she admittedly loves so much. It was also a moment of prayer for them to be similarly blessed soon – living their best lives with partners who love them to the moon and back. You can check out the post below.

Congratulations are in order for the new couple in town.

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