Kwesta’s 34th Birthday Celebration In Pictures

Birthdays are, for many, seasons to create new memories for posterity. And it has always been for South African rapper Kwesta. He recently turned 34 and celebrated it the way he saw fit – well, in a sense.

His wife, Yolanda, was actually the one who took charge of things. To celebrate her man’s birthday, she decided to have a private movie screening in his honour. And his friends showed up to celebrate with him.

Taking to her Instagram page soon after, had shared snaps from the event on her stories, letting her husband knows that she and the kids love him. You can check out the pictures from the private screening below.

celebrating her husband is especially significant because just recently, Kwesta had reportedly cheated on her with a woman who wasn’t even as beautiful as she is. Around the same period, for whatever reason, Kwesta had proposed to her again, and she had agreed.

From the look of things, love still rules the corridor of Kwesta’s relationship, and not even a “strange” woman can still the energy emitted from that corridor. And that’s a good thing for shippers of the couple’s relationship. Not bad for a couple South Africans sub couple goals.

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