Inspired Cassper Nyovest Wants To Be A Billionaire Like Kanye West

Cassper Nyovest is probably not where he wants to be financially as he revealed that he would love to reach the billionaire status.

Mufasa had once shown his intention in his recently released “Good For That” single, now due to the recent news of Kanye West becoming a billionaire, Cassper has reignited his flame for the quest.

According to the rapper, he said he is not aiming for the status because of the money but to show himself that he could make it from zero to being a billionaire. He pointed that he can’t wait for the billions to sit in his account.

Cassper further advices his fans not to get discouraged by the hard times, as things could change at anytime, as it did for American rapper Kanye West.

Followers of Mufasa on Twitter later posted comments encouraging the rapper to follow through with his dreams.

As seen on Twitter;

Drfrank_dotcomt commented:

“Yeah, definitely you are gonna be a billionaire, but you need your people in order to become one, especially when you are in this kind of industry, so be humble, your followers needs you and vice versa.”

@NorahMckenzie said:

“I just love your humility bra, move forward with that mindset.”

@LaFIIRE_SA wrote:

“Never allow someone to tell you that you cannot do it. Protect your goal at all cost. Mindset matters.”