“Insulting” – DJ Sbu Reacts To Payment Terms To Speak At Dr Umar Johnson’s Event

South African radio DJ and producer DJ Sbu has rejected an invitation to speak at an event headlined by Dr Umar Johnson. The payment terms were below what the DJ had expected, and he felt insulted by it all. So the decision to decline the invitation.

DJ Sbu revealed that he was invited to speak at Dr Umar’s event but no budget was made for him. The compensation they are offering was nothing more than an interview with Dr Umar. The DJ found the offer insulting.

When the news of the compensation offer and DJ Sbu’s rejection of the same popped online, many South Africans were chuffed with the MoFaya boss’s decision to reject it, citing previous instances of exploitation.

Dr Umar Johnson is an American motivational speaker, and he would be speaking at the Imbizo Hall in Soweto. DJ Sbu seemed like the ideal choice of a South African to pick as a speaker because he is still pretty young and has been a source of inspiration to many young people with his entrepreneurial spirit.

He calls himself a hustler and encourages his compatriots to have the same hustling spirit. Only, hustle doesn’t mean anything goes – as Dr Umar has just found out.

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