Intaba Yase Dubai Drops “Sbali” Music Video

Intaba Yase Dubai is smitten by his beautiful supervisor in new music video for “Sbali”.

Have you ever loved someone from afar? Well, this new video will show you exactly how it feels. On Friday, March 12th, Intaba Yase Dubai dropped the official music video for his song “Sbali”, and it has gained positive reviews from fans.

He plays a construction worker who is taken by the beauty of his supervisor in the video. When he realizes that it would not work out between them, he chooses to fantasy about it. His concerned coworkers wake him up later after he passes out.

The video is a very interesting watch, and the people who have seen it have given it good reviews. The song has also been a success it was released. It has earned praise from fans and music lovers. Intaba Yase Dubai continues to thrill after the success of “Mali Eningi”.

Watch the video below.

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