Is Black Coffee a Women Abuse Enabler?

Celebrated DJ Black Coffee might be unhappy right now as some peeps have accused him of being an enabler of women abuse.

The allegation might have struck him as pretty ironic, having just organized a march against women abuse.

The peeps of Twitter are unimpressed. Some are alleging that he abused his ex-wife Enhle Mbali and is therefore unworthy to be in the vanguard of justice for women in abusive relationships.

A twitter user who goes by the handle @sisboniswa alleged that Amaru, a one-time manager at Black Coffee’s Soulistic Music, was abusive to her and several others in the company. If Amaru doesn’t like you, she said, you get fired.

Continuing, she alleged that Black Coffee was privy to the abuse but apparently did nothing, although she looked up to him as a big brother. She ended up saying Black Coffee let them down.

However Black Coffee has a different angle to the story. According to him, he had no contact with @sisboniswa since she went to work for Amaru. However, he believed her story Amaru abused her.

He added that he and Amaru are in a legal battle and he has no relationship or friendship with him.

Well, what do you think? Check out the exchange below.

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