Is Boity Proposing Marriage To Maps Maponyane?

Recent tweet by Boity suggests she’s proposing marriage to Maps Maponyane.

It is crazy how much Boity loves her fans. She is either always interacting with them, or trying to give them what they want. A recent tweet from the rapper suggests she could be getting married for them. Lol. No jokes.

On Tuesday, February 16th, the “Own Your Throne” star proposed marriage to Maps Maponyane. She revealed that the Black Twitter Ancestors suggest they should be getting married soon, so she would have to “find an alter in the mean time”. Her fans are confused about the tweet and do not know if she’s joking or serious.

Later that day, she shared a second tweet where she talked about being blessed with a career that has exceeded her dreams. She also revealed her ancestors have provided for her financially but haven’t brought her the man of her dreams. The post suggests she is single.

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