Is K.O. Prepared to Work with AKA?

In the world of music, collaborations cannot be ruled out. Artistes seek the contributions of their contemporaries, home and elsewhere. That’s part of the beauty of music’s creative universe.

It is hard to point to any serious musician who has not collaborated with another artiste at some point or who doesn’t desire to collaborate with one. The narrative of who collaborates with who, and when, can sometimes be set by fans desiring some novelty from their music heroes.

This brings us to the case of K.O., one of South Africa’s most visible music personalities and a one-time member of the now defunct group Teargas. K.O. has worked with almost every important name in South African music and he isn’t relenting in his collaborative run.

Most recent of his collaborative ventures is “Rainbow,” a joint effort with J’Something of the South African group Mi Casa, Q Twins, and Msaki.

Well some fans of K.O., who is also known as Mr Cashtime, recently asked him if he would collaborate with AKA. K.O. did not hesitate affirming that. He would work with AKA, he said. In fact the two are currently working on something. “there’s something in the tuck already.

Looks like fans only have to wait to see just what.

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