Is Vic Mensa Already Over Nadia Nakai? Watch!

Fans question if American rapper, Vic Mensa is already over Nadia Nakai as he flaunts a new lady in a recently shared video.

We have no idea what’s going on between Vic Mensa and Nadia Nakai. Hopefully, someone tells us what’s up. A few weeks ago, Nakai revealed that she and the popular American rapper had ended things and parted ways.

Of course, Mzansi was stunned because they looked so good together. Some have reacted to the breakup saying the two didn’t last long, although no one knows when they actually hit it off. Fans have now reacted in shock following a recent video shared by the US emcee.

It shows him with an unnamed woman alleged to be Nakai’s replacement. Mensa’s soon-to-be released song, “Taste of Chicago” plays in the background of the video. This has us wondering if he has already moved on from the “Naked” rapper. It could also be a promotional video for a forthcoming song. Maybe.

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