Isencane Lengane: Mass Criticism For Siyacela As New Episode Premieres

Fans of the reality show Isencane Lengane continue dissecting it with every episode. The last episode had many fans focused on Siyacela – and Thando, who make an “interesting” couple on the show.

As far as some viewers are concerned, the two deserve each other. But, according to their critics, they seem yoked together by a common lack of ambition. Thando’s interest, according to them, is in just being a wife or, better still, a partner, jumping down every path Siyacela points to.

Siyacela himself is a point of annoyance for some viewers, as they thought he should have started hustling for money the moment he realized his partner was pregnant and not start scratching his head and wondering when the pregnancy was far gone.

One Twitter user joked that Thando and Siyacela are the younger versions of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha. How good is that analogy? We wouldn’t volunteer an answer.

One thing the many comments on the last episode suggest, however, is that viewers are following the show and paying attention to what they’re viewing. And that’s one way to keep producers happy. No one wants to continue on something that has no audience.

Would the next episode be different?

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