Isidingo Actors Say Emotional Farewells On their Last Day of Shooting

Isidingo actors write emotional farewells to mark their last day of shooting.

When two loved ones part ways , it is always a heartbreaking situation to see them leave. They wish they can remain together but it wouldn’t be possible. And that is the case between Isidingo actors and lovers of the film.

The actors in Isidingo have said their final farewell to fans and this had occurred on their last day of shooting. This week, after filming their final scenes for the movie, the actors wrote emotional social media tributes to their fans.

The actors said:

The end is never easy to deal with, even if you can see it coming for a long time. We reached the end of the road with Isidingo this week when many of our favourite cast members from SABC 3 soapie reported in to work for the last time.

Viewers of the TV series, Isidingo, should not lose hope because the show will still air for another two months on television.

Isidingo is meant to leave the screen in March 2020, but this week will mark the last day on set for most of the South Africans incredible actors. This is because the scenes are usually filmed in advance.

Last year, SABC revealed to the public that the show will be canceled. Reports had it that the decision was made because of Isidingo’s poor ratings. This has been a major problem for the contents of SABC 3.

Members of the show were caught by surprise when they received the news because they were not given a prior notice that the show will be canceled and it was through social media that they learnt about the latest development.

However, the skilled actors have portrayed a good sense of professionalism by working relentlessly until their final day on set.

Viewers of Isidingo should prepare to shed streaks of tears as they read the actors’ emotional messages.

South African actress and TV presenter, Schelaine Bennet said:

Proof that God’s timing is PERFECT! I auditioned for many different roles on Isidingo over the years & never won…Then THIS!!! What a Time to be Alive! What a Blessing! What a Team! What a Special part of South African tv History… Our Final scene together. To every single soul that makes this show come to Life- I salute You.

Dumusani Mbebe wrote on Twitter:

Today, I’m stepping in the studios of Isidingo for one last time. The end to the second most long-standing local soap operas has come. Whatever the broadcaster’s reasons to pull the plug! Life goes on. Job hunting begins again.

Also, some of Isidingo’s cast members posted pictures of themselves as their characters for the last time on Isidingo.

Isidingo is a popular South African soap opera that was premiered in July 1998, on SABC 3.

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