Isivunguvungu Feat Rethabile: Prince Kaybee Angry, Apologetic Addresses Song Theft Claims

A few days back, we brought you a story of Prince Kaybee’s studio session with singer Rethabile and the clip the pair shared soon after, via Instagram.

It was supposedly a teaser of an imminent collaboration between them. As it is now, however, the song may never be released.

In an unexpected move that surprised many, DJ Trumpet indicated, via a tweet, that he was actually the first one who recorded the song “Isivunguvungu” with Rethabile, and what Prince Kaybee and the singer had released via Instagram was actually something he had worked on. He said mit would be painful to “loose” (sic) the song.

Fans were quick to comment that the lyrics were similar. The beats were thought to be different, though.

This has forced Prince Kaybee to clarify what actually happened during his studio session with Rethabile. He said the songstress popped in the studio and recorded on a beat he gave her, without indicating she had previously recorded with DJ Trumpet.

He said he is very angry about what happened, as it might indicate he lacks professionalism. At any rate, he is apologetic and has said he is sorry to those he might have hurt with his studio session with Rethabile, especially DJ Trumpet.

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