Isle Of Memories: Howza & Salamina Mosese Return To Zanzibar To Celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary – See Pictures

In an era when people dispose of their commitments and end their marriage almost as soon as they contract one, it is all shades of pleasant for those who have been able to withstand the storms and continue to love each other for 15 years.

Howza and Salamina are in that boat and happy to be.

The couple got married 15 years ago and have weathered many storms together. They wake up each day, still committed to each other. So, the 15th wedding anniversary means a lot to them, something they both affirmed by taking a trip together to somewhere exotic.

In a post on Instagram, Salamina indicated that they were in Zanzibar, Tanzania, to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. She indicated that it was their second trip to that location. They were pretty young when they made their first trip there and they didn’t have cellphones with cameras at the time.

Interestingly, they have no clue where the camera they took with them the first time is. So there are no throwback images of them there. But that’s still fine, after all, she and her man are still together and fiercely committed to each other. You can see the slides below.

Both celebs and ordinary folks alike poured into the comment section to celebrate with the duo

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