Israel Matseke Zulu On The Amputation Of His Leg

South African actor Israel Matseke Zulu is glad for the amputation of his leg that forced him out of the Mzansi telenovela  Gomora.

The thespian had suffered gangrene of the le for a while and had to undergo amputation to prevent its spread. Since the amputation, however, he was quiet, refusing to speak to the press or address issues relating to the amputation.

More than that, he’d not shared any pictures of his nom amputated leg. Days ago, though a picture of him at fellow actor Patrick Shai’s funeral had been shared by a fan. The pic, which showed his amputated leg, went viral instantly.

While he was suffering from gangrene, according to him, he was experiencing great pains – more like an electric shock – on both legs. Now that the leg affected by gangrene has been amputated, he’s experienced massive relief.

According to him, since the amputation, the “electric” sensation has vanished and he most often forgets that his leg has been cut off.

South African only got to know about his battle with gangrene last eat (2021,) but according to the celebrated actor, he’s been battling that health challenge for the past seven years.

Well, for Zulu, the recovery continues.

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