Israel Matseke-Zulu’s Leg Reportedly Amputated

It’s a sad moment for Israel Zulu, as he’ll now have to go through life without one of his legs. The Gomora actor recently had an amputation after suffering from gangrene for a while.

Acting on Gomora proved to be a challenge because of his health. In a statement, he noted that he had to ask the producers to write him out of the show so that he will focus on his health.

He also noted that he’s one to give his own in a role he takes. But the health challenge has denied him the capacity to give his absolute best as the Don character in Gomora.  So he had to exit.

Right now, he’s said to be at home recovering, surrounded by family and friends.

The news of his health challenges, as well as the amputation, came as a shock to many of his fans. And they have been wishing him a quick recovery on social media.

He may no longer be part of the cast of Gomora,  but he has not completely ruled out acting. He’s only focusing on his health at the moment and just might take up another role that suits his current reality.

Hopefully, he recovers quickly. Stay tuned.

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