“It takes a real n***a to admit when he’s wrong”, DMX Apologizes To Lloyd, Drags Tony Yayo

When American rapper, DMX, threw shade at the lyrical ability of Lloyd Banks, he was actually thinking about Tony Yayo.

The talented rapper, DMX, undoubtedly has one of the most brilliant deliveries and voices in the scene. When the rapper was asked to his best lyricists of all people, people were looking forward to hearing his remarks.

DMX interrupted during a recent live-stream with Dark Man X and Fat Man Scoop. Claiming that Lloyd Banks does not have what he takes to be included in the list, he rubbished Snoop’s claim that Lloyd should be categorized as a top lyricist.

The exchange was not ill-mannered, however, Lloyd Banks responded to DMX’s remark as he proposed that he might be aware of the reason DMX does not think highly of him.

Lloyd Banks pondered:

So because I didn’t come to the studio to work when HE reached out..I’m not that good?

DMX, issuing his official response to Lloyd Banks’s statement, admitted that he was wrong and used such process to throw shade at another G-Unit member.

The legendary rapper wrote over the captured view of Lloyd tweets:

It takes a real n***a to admit when he’s wrong. My apologies to Lloyd banks I was thinking tony yayo when I was asked about banks. I fuck with banks!

Well, at least the rapper has admitted his wrongdoings to the public. Now, Lloyd Banks can still be known as one of the best lyrical rappers in history. DMX has revealed that it was only a mistake.

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