It’s A Shocking Moment As Mihlali Ndamase Invites Instagram Followers To Confess Their Deepest Secrets

The confessions on Mihlali Ndamade’s Instagram stories will leave you flabbergasted.

There’s hardly a week that the socialite and influencer, Mihlali Ndamade, does not trend. This time around, it is not about the beautiful pictures she had taken while on vacation. It is Mihlali’s followers that have left people in shock.

People are gasping in shock and laughing in disbelief as they read unbelievable confessions on Mihlali’s IG stories.

On Tuesday, the popular social media and beauty influencer, Mihlali Ndamade had written ‘Confessions’ on her Instagram story, using a feature. This feature is such that people can reply anonymously to a question without their names being revealed. This was a medium to invite her followers to reply to her story and share their deepest secrets. Surprisingly, some of the replies were too hard to believe.

People saw confessions such as:

I once let my ex-boyfriend muff me after having sex with my real boyfriend! No Regrets!,” MY mother (married to my father) tried to have an affair with my fiancé then stopped wedding.

Some followers have also revealed how they slept with her friend’s dad, slept with their married lecturer, etc.

These crazy confessions got Twitter users in shock!

Below are some of the confessions made by Mihlali Ndamade’s followers:

People are definitely astonished by these confessions as some of them revealed that they could not trust anyone again. The influencer has not rebuked any of her followers but she has been adding funny comments to the messages on her IG stories

Look at people’s reactions to the confessions on Mihlali Ndamade’s IG stories.


Those responses from Mihlali’s IG make me realize how normal I really am. I would just cry myself to sleep. Now drugging a man for cheating. That’s so wild.


Mihlali’s IG had me so shook this morning I hadn’t even bathed.


Mihlali’s IG stories just confirmed that I’m a saint. People are busy yhu.

Mihlali is a South African entrepreneur, Instagram influencer, and Youtube content creator that is one of the most popular faces in Msanzi.

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