It’s AKA 32nd Birthday, Rapper Celebrates By Sharing Baby Pictures

As AKA celebrates his birthday today, he shares pictures of when he was little.

A hip hop legend was born on this day, thirty-two years ago. This legend is no other than South African award-winning rapper, .

Kiernan Jarryd , famously known by the stage name, , is 32 today and he has expressed his gratitude and excitement by sharing throwbacks on his social media pages.

The successful rapper, singer record producer and entrepreneur has built a successful career in the hip hop scene. He has broken records and created new ones. He has accomplished great feats and made his country proud.

Looking at the pictures AKA has shared, it is obvious that the rapper is sentimental today, because he is a year older. The pictures also prove that he is a family man who is passionate about the memories he had experienced right from when he was young.

The talented rapper took to social media to share pictures of the little rapper. Fans of AKA have taken to the comment section to wish their favourite artist a happy birthday.

AKA was born and raised in Cape Town and he came into limelight after releasing ‘Victory Lap.’ He has released albums including Touch My Blood (2018), Be Careful What You Wish For (2017), Levels (2015), etc.

We wish him a happy birthday!

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