It’s End Of An Era As Musica Closes Down

It is end of an era for music chain Musica as it shuts down its stores across South Africa.

Musica was part of the Clicks retail group. Clicks acquired the brand sometime in 1992, the real of CDs and DVDs, when it was the go-to hub for music and entertainment in South Africa.

In the intervening years, with the radical shift from selling physical CDs and DVDs to digital streaming, Musica suffered massive decline in patronage, an experience exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown  in the country.

Musica might be dead, but memories of the brand probably stay with many music lovers and vinyl collectors for years.

According to Musica, it has been operating in a declining market for years and the demise of the brand was inevitable. The brand has already closed 19 stores in South Africa. Full closure of the musica brand will reportedly take effect on 31May 2021.

The announcement of the music store chain closing down has generated mixed reactions online. Some fans think it inevitable Music should close down because we’re in the digital era. Some are just sad to see the brand disappear.

What do you think of Musica shutting down?  You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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