It’s Officially A Year, Kamo Mphela Celebrates One Year Of Entertainment Career

Kamo Mphela is celebrating one year in the entertainment industry

celebrates one year in the entertainment industry.

We wonder how entertainers feel everytime they clock a new year in the mainstream industry. Mzansi dancer and now, singer, has under one year, achieved so much.

The Mzansi star rose to fame when a video of her dancing with musician, Killer Kau went viral. Since then, she’s been dubbed the new queen on social media.

She has also spread her wings across other ventures and featured on songs including Scorpion Kings’ Sandton, alongside Focalistic and Smith.

She’s also appeared on videos and delivered her own music. On Tuseday, 26th May 2020, she took to her Instagram page to celebrate her first anniversary in the industry.

She shared a self shot video of herself with a message celebrating her one year old career. We really are happy for all that she’s achieved, and wish her many more years in the industry.

Dear Career happy birthday to us , it’s officially a year and we shall grow stronger. God bless the hustle .🙏🏾🥰

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