J Molley & Babyface Dean Announce A Swaziland High School Tour

J Molley & Babyface Dean team up to present A Swaziland High School Tour

J Molley and Babyfacedean team up for a free Swaziland High School Tour.

SA Hip-hop stars, J Molley and Babyfacedean are out here doing something not many artistes think about. For that, we hail them. The two pioneers of the South African new wave have embarked on a free Swaziland High School Tour which they title, the “Never Broke High School Tour”.

The two acts are not just the only ones thrilling school goers on the tour, J Molley’s DJ Thabang, also known by his stage name, “AmIEverSober”, is also with them. All three have been thrilling High School students since the tour began on 14 February, 2020 to support the Valentine’s Day school functions.

The pioneers have since managed to clinch 8 gigs, and have performed about four of them. You need not be told that this is a selfless act, and deserves a whole lot of praise. So, big ups to them.

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