J Molley Buries Flvme With Music For Dumbest Masses Claim

South African musician J Molley has been on fire recently, lobbing grenades in the direction of his fellow rappers The Big Hash and Flvme. Just recently, the Hood Pharmacist claimed that Flvme makes music for the dumbest of the masses. Now, that’s a deep cut from a muso.

J Molley’s comments ignited rage in the heart of the fans of both musicians, who mocked him in turn and described him as musically irrelevant back home.

In reply to his critics and the outrage his claims had elicited, J Molley noted that the comments were not made in earnest. He insisted that he posts dumb sh*t all the time.  In this case, people took his post too seriously when they shouldn’t, the result was that it went viral online, with many faulting his post.

And for those claiming that Flvme makes better music than his, J Molley declined to be put in the same category as Flvme, insisting that Flvme makes music for the dumbest of the dumb.

J Molley noted that in his music, he talks about philosophy, religion, spirituality, and intellectual stuff, unlike Flvme, who is always into the lubricious and mundane.

Well, it remains to be seen where the battle will lead. Stay tuned, if you please.

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