J Molley Comes Clean About Beef With The Big Hash

J Molley finally comes clean about his explosive beef with The Big Hash.

One of the biggest highlights of 2020 has got to be the beef between J Molley and The Big Hash. Although it didn’t last as long as we thought it would, it was still very interesting to follow. It birthed some very good diss tracks.

At the time, we had no idea what had gone wrong between the two rappers as they called each other out on several occasions. Now, in an interview with SAHipHopMag, Molley has told his side of the feud. According to him, it was all fun and games until Hash made it about racially sensitive politics.

You may have caught Hash’s oversized ears in the “Pallbearer” art, which he reacted to, accusing the “Flower child” rapper of calling him a monkey. Well, Molley says that wasn’t even his intention because they were only taking jabs at each other.

He knew he would win if he made it propaganda by involving the racial thing”

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