J Molley Denies Romance With Khanya Mkangisa

“All Is Fair In Love and War” mastermind J Molley has denied ever dating Khanya Mkangisa, contrary to speculations.

Rumours of the two dating swirled online following a viral photo of them all cozy together. The picture was said to have been shared by Khanya Mkangisa herself after her birthday.

At the time the picture went viral, many denounced Khanya Mkangisa because of the age difference between him and J Molley at the time: she was 31 and he was 21 and had recently broken up Shamiso.

Khanya Mkangisa only had the middle finger for those who criticized her alleged romance with the rapper. Now J Molley has spoken out, totally denying they were dating – or ever did.

According to the Leader Of The Wave rapper, he had no idea who Khanya Mkangisa was. He insisted she had approached him backstage after a show to take photos with him, and he obliged her.

J Molley stated he only found out the following days that she was a celebrity herself with great social media following. He insisted he never met her until the night she asked for photos with him.

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