J Molley Gets Girlfriend Number 3 To Tattoo His Initial. Twitter Users React!

J Molley's new lover tattoos 'J' on her neck, and this has made Twitter users to react.

Twitter is one place that people have taken to react to celebrity actions and latest news. Young rapper, J Molley, is now one of the most talk-about artists on Twitter.

Recently, the talented, who has being in relationships with a number of ladies in the industry, showed off his latest girlfriend.

The new lover did not shock people. However, it was the fact that the lady got the tattoo of the first alphabet of the rapper’s name ‘J’ on her neck that caught everyone’s attention.

J Molley had dated Shamiso, media personality Azanai’s daughter, before having a relationship with Khanya. These ladies were the one whom he went public with.

It was rumoured last year that J Molley cheated on Shamiso, his long-time girlfriend with media personality, Khanya Mkangisa. Some images of J Molley and Khanya surfaced online and the two appeared intimate in the pictures.

J Molley’s new girlfriend has his tattoo on her neck, and it has been reported that his last two girlfriends also had his name initial on their necks.

Check out some of the reactions from Twitter users:

Twitter users are confused with the fact that all girlfriends of the Flower Child rapper have the first letter of his name, ‘J’, imprinted on a part of their body. They are wondering why these ladies would agree to have a tattoo of the letter ‘J’ imprinted on them.

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