J Molley Opens Up About Being Bipolar

J Molley Reflects On His Suicide Attempt 

SA Hip Hop artist J Molley has opened up about being bipolar in a recent video.

It seems like all of a sudden, Mzansi artist J Molley began struggling with mental health issues. A while back, the rapper scared fans when he shared hints about taking his life. Fortunately, he got help and took some time away from the scene to recover.

Molley has finally opened up about his mental health issues. He told fans that he wants to give them “clarity on why I act the way I do and all the stories I post and how I got from love to hate so quickly.”

He revealed that he suffers from “a borderline personality disorder which is like bipolar but way worse, it’s more of a thing, one hour you’re happy, the next hour you’re sad. One moment you love someone, the next moment you hate someone, and you wanna kill them, we feel things ten times more than everyone so everything is so extreme.”

He shared more detail on the illness, saying, “we feel abandoned, pulsive, we feel empty all the time, we want to kill ourselves all the time. Along with borderline, I have bipolar so I go through manic phases when I’m happy so everyone thinks everything is cool, then the next thing I’m sad, and I’m crushing again, I have OCPD, I have ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), I have anxiety, I have depression.”

He has revealed that he survived another suicide attempt and is working on getting better.