J Molley Opens Up About Racist Attack- “That is a battle I can’t win”

Popular South African rapper, J Molley, has reacted to racist attack on him. The talented rapper believes that it is a battle that cannot be won.

Fans of the talented rapper are of the belief that J Molley’s tweet was brought about because of Big Hash’s diss track.

Taking to his Twitter page, the talented rapper stated that his tweet is not linked with the music. He, however, appreciated his fans for their love and support.

J Molley tweeted:

There is an ugly, distasteful narrative that’s gaining momentum & has nothing to do with the music. That is a battle I can’t win & personally do not want any part of. To those that believe in & support me, thank you. I’m only getting started. It was fun until it wasn’t.

In other news, J Molley recently replied The Big Hash’s diss track with new freestyle titled ‘Pallbearer.’

It looks the South African scene comprises of rappers who despises each other. Rappers go on battles and social media feuds with their fellow rappers on a daily basis. This time around, the beef between The Big Hash and J Molley has been making the news.

Taking to social media, The Big Hash called out J Molley for asking for freestyle instead of doing the catalogue battle. J Molley responded to the rapper with several tweets and, thereafter, released his diss freestyle ‘Pallbearer.’

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