J Molley Reacts To Viral Video Of His Hilarious Dance Steps

J Molley reacts to the viral video of his hilarious dance steps filmed at a beach party.

We all love to see our favourite celebrities kicking back and having fun. One cool thing about it is that you also get to see them do some hilarious acts while that is happening.

That was the case for “Pallbearer” hit maker, J Molley who recently went viral for his funny dance steps. The talented rapper had attended a beach party where he was filmed doing the wedding step. Funny thing is, Molley couldn’t even pull off the simple dance step and really stuck out in the crowd.

However, he also gets an A+ for effort. Reacting to the video, the “All Is Fair” hit maker revealed that he didnt have a clue what was happening and felt like he was in Zumba class. He also managed to blame it all on Willy Cardiac. We wonder what the “Fan of Me” hit maker will say about that.

He wrote,

Lord knows I didn’t have a clue what was happening haha…Felt like I was in a Zumba class. I blame @willycardiac for this”

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