J Molley Replies Troll Over Costa Titch’s Success

’s manager once said that the champ he manages is the most slept on artiste in Mzansi. Well, true or false, it is clear that is pretty confident in his personal journey and would not want anyone to provoke a crisis between him and another muso.

This much became apparent recently when a Twitter troll indicated that must be feeling terrible right now seeing Cost Titch, another young rapper, doing much better.

Costa Titch recently released his debut album titled “Made In Africa,” which has received mostly great reviews. Radio DJ Speedsta even described it as the best South African so far this year. That statement provoked a controversy, by the way.

Anyway, wouldn’t let anyone steal his peace or provoke a beef between him and Costa Titch. In his reply to the troll’s tweet, indicated he loves seeing another artist win. He accused the troll of knowing nothing about the bigger picture, urging him to keep his mentality to himself. See the tweet below.

What do you think of the troll’s take on and the songster’s response? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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