J Molley Shares First Tweet After Mental Break

SA star, has shared his first tweet after taking a break to recover from his mental breakdown.

One thing we wish for our favourite artists is that they are okay, both physically and mentally. Fans of rapper, were left concerned last year when he shared a series of tweets hinting at him having a mental breakdown.

In one of the tweets, the “Want The Rack$” hitmaker stated that he was ready to put a bullet through his head because people only care when you’re dead. Of course, that was a trigger and everyone was worried. Finally, his management announced in a shared statement that the rapper would take some time off to recover.

11 months later, it seems he’s back to the scene. Molley recently shared a photo of himself in black and white. He looks to be laying in a pool of his own blood. It might be a hint at new music inspired by what he went through.

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