J Molley Speaks of his Anxieties and How He came to Abuse Drugs

The power of music to influence for good or bad had never been in doubt.

For South African rapper J Molley, Mzansi hip hop was a bad influence at some point and made him abuse drugs. The songster detailed this and much more during a recent sit-down with Break Room Africa.

He noted that he was an anxious person long before becoming a rapper and famous, and the trait worked against him when he came into the limelight.

He became famous so fast that it almost tossed him off balance. In his words, one minute, he was sharing songs on SoundCloud, and another minute, his name was all over South Africa, and he was performing at concerts.

The pressure was much, and he abused booze and drugs in order to control his anxieties and perform before vast audiences.

He may have struggled with drugs and booze at some point but he couldn’t keep the troubles all to himself. His tweets began to hint at a mentally depressed rapper at some point.

After that, his management had issued a statement noting that he would be taking a break from music to take care of his mental health. He’s still recovering as we write.

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