J Molley Taking A Break From Music & Social Media, According To Management

South African rapper J Molley is taking a break from music and social media to take care of his mental health.

The songster had released a couple of depressing tweets, leaving fans wondering if he was okay. In one of the tweets, he had said he was ready to put a bullet through his head. In a follow-up tweet, he had stated that people only care when you’re dead.

Worried by the posts, fans had asked if he was okay, with many asking him to seek help immediately and not follow the path of compatriot HHP (who had apparently committed suicide after a protracted battle with depression).

Never Broke, J Molley’s management, took to Twitter days later to address concerns over his mental health. In a statement, the management noted that the “Going Down” star was receiving help and doing fine.

The management also announced J Molley’s break from music and social media to focus on his mental health. It was, however, mum  on when he will be back to social media and to music.

Hopefully, he overcomes whatever mental challenges he’s currently facing and returns to treating fans to rap bars.

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