J Something and Cordelia Godi Celebrate 8th Anniversary With A Lovely Video

Famous Mi Casa star J Something celebrates his 8th wedding anniversary with wife Cordelia Godi by posting a lovely video with the most beautiful message.

We must confess that we envy the love that musician J Something and his wife Cordelia ‘Coco’ Godi have for each other. Around this time every year, we see them gosh over each other with messages while celebrating their anniversary.

Of course, it is no different this year. The couple shared a video showing that they went restaurant hopping and enjoyed each other’s company for their 8th anniversary.

J Something captioned the post,

“I hope I get many more days with you because every single one so far has been so dope! This is our movie of a life celebrating our 8th Anniversary celebrating love, and life, getting to do it all together … stuff our faces, drink just enough wine, laugh way too much only cause it hurts after some time, and plenty more, we will have to keep off this list just in case Miguel is reading this.”

“I’m so glad you dig food just as much as I do. I’m SO glad you into the music I’m into. What a life, baby girl, what a life!”

Coco replied, “24 hours of pure bliss!!! I love you.”

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