Jack White Drops Bombshell on The Rolling Stones

Are the Rolling Stones copying the Beatles? Did they copy them? Jack White not only thinks so; he says so. 

The musician dropped this verdict during a recent sit-down on the set of MOJO. 

In particular, he singles out the Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger for praise, noting that the frontman was smart and constantly feeling whatever the hippest thing was back in the 60s, including, well, “copying” their rivals, the Beatles. 

He claimed the Rolling Stones were constantly chasing hits and doing what the Beatles did to get those hits. 

Claims of artists copying one another other isn’t new in the industry. It didn’t start today — nor will it end tomorrow. Musicians are constantly evolving, copying what they want or stealing it outright.

Jack White isn’t the first to accuse a musical group of stealing from its rivals. He’s illuminated an issue that has always been in the industry. 

So far, though, the Rolling Stones have not responded to White’s claims, and it’s doubtful they will. After all, reacting only raises more questions. 

By the way, Jack White recently released a body of work titled “Fear of the Dawn.” He’s still in creation mode, however. He’s gearing to release another project, “Entering Heaven Alive,” on July 22 this year.

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