Jacob Zuma called “Creep” and “Predator” by Redi Tlhabi in Twitter exchange

Veteran journalist, Redi Tlhabi labels Jacob Zuma a creep and a predator in a recent exchange with his daughter, Duduzile.

The drama on the internet these days is just too much to handle. Well, Mzansi does not seem to mind. This time, popular veteran journalist, Redi Tlhabi locked horns with the former president, Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile in a recent Twar.

It all started when the latter replied a tweet from the popular journalist about her father. The tweet which referenced riot instigators prompted Duduzile to accuse the journalist of secretly visiting the former president at his Forest Town home. She also called her “bitter”.

Of course, Redi did not let it slide. She hit back at her calling the accusations false and referenced Fezeka Kuzwayo’s rape allegations against the former president. She accused uBaba of acting “creepy and predatory” in professional settings. She also labelled both father and daughter “vile and dishonest”.

She also maintained that she only went to his official residence to interview him as Burundi Mediator. Duduzile ended the spat confirming that she is indeed her father’s daughter. However, she called Tlhabi out on her alleged failed attempt to be one of the first ladies saying she was not “JZ’s spec”.

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