Janelle Monae Suffers Mercury Poisoning, Says “I felt my mortality”

Janelle Monae Suffers Mercury Poisoning

American Actress/Singer Janelle Monae suffers Mercury poison after pescatarian diet affected her health.

Boy are we glad that our electric lady, Janelle Monae is alive and well. According to reports, the singer and actress had quite the health scare recently when she stopped eating meat and opted for a pescatarian diet which led to a mercury poisoning.

In an interview with The Cut, she revealed how vulnerable she felt when it happened.

“I started feeling my mortality,”.

Reports state that she’s been focused on acting despite the illness, throwing herself into her work. According to her, she takes work home, stating that her characters are inspired by her personal life. She said,

“I use my pain.. I use it”.

She is expected to play “Veronica”, a writer who believes in social justice, in the thriller, Antebellum. About the role, she said,

“I want that spirit to always stay on-camera so I dont break. I don’t talk on the phone a lot, I don’t want that to take me out of my space”

The film drops in April of this year.

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