Janet Jackson On Almost Playing Halle Berry’s “Storm” Character In X-Men

It is no longer news that Halle Berry played the role of Storm on “X-Men: The Last Stand.” The news is that if all had gone as originally planned, she wouldn’t have been the one to play the role.

yup. Singer Janet Jackson has just revealed that she was originally given the role but she had to pass because of a tour. So Halle Berry was offered the role instead.

She was on the Janet tour back then and wouldn’t stop it for anything, so she overlooked the offer and went on with what she considered more important – the tour.

Well, it’s all good. Halle Berry Berry ended up doing excellently well in the role, with Janet herself having nothing to criticise about her acting. It may have been years since then, but the memories are still fresh for most of the fans of the X-Men universe. That’s life for you

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