Jason Derulo Fights Two Guys Who Mistook Him for the Singer Usher.

Jason Derulo came to blows with two men who mistook him for the singer at a Las Vegas hotel.

One of the men had reportedly trolled “Usher” by using the F word, an action that irritated the singer and forced him to react. He reportedly hit one of the men in the face and charged at the other.

According to eyewitnesses, Derulo and one of the men were passing each other on the escalator, when the latter tried to troll the former, thinking he was Usher. Angered by the disrespect, Derulo had reportedly punched the man in the face, sending him crashing through the elevator.

He also ribbed the other man. Security popped on the scene before the fight could escalate and separated the adversaries. Darulo was said to have been taken away by the police soon after.

Derulo is but one of several celebs who have been trolled while in public. How he elected to respond is what has got much talking. Some social media users think he should have ignored the trolls completely. Others hailed him for having taught the trolls a “lesson.”

By the way, the incident took place months after Derulo announced his breakup from baby mama Jenna Frumes.

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