Jay Z & Beyoncé Enjoy Expensive Wine On Valentine’s Day

Poststar Beyoncé and her husband Z had a splendid Valentine’s Day together, sipping expensive wine. The day of love may have come and gone but the memory of it all resonates.

In pictures shared online, it emerged that the celebrity people spent the special day in a special way. They had a lavish dinner and enjoyed Masseto Tenuta DellOrnellaia wine, a pricey brand.

Curious social media users decided to check out the price of the brand the couple shared on Valentine’s day and were shocked that it could retail for as much as R46k. well, one shouldn’t be surprised given the position of the couple in the world of entertainment.

Beyoncé and -Z are among the highest earning celebrity couples out there. So splurging on pricey wine for a special day – or any da for that matter – is nothing novel to them.

Not surprising many look up to them and loudly declaim their aspiration to a similar lifestyle. Anyway, the way the two celebrated musicians decided to spend their Valentine’s Day will remain in the memory of their fans for a long time to come.

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