Jay-Z Speaks On How He’d Like To Be Remembered

Virtually everyone out there wanna be remembered and for something great, too. Shawn Carter, the American rapper and businessman professionally known as Jay-Z, is no different.

The rap billionaire wants be remembered, too, like some of the greats in the music universe, including Bob Marley.

Jay-Z made this much known during an interview with The Sunday Times to promote his Puma partnership. Asked how he wants to be remembered, he admitted he has no idea, adding that, hopefully the world speaks of him like all other greats, including Bob Marley.

Ultimately, of course, it is not up to him to decide how the world should view him at death. This much he also admitted during the interview.

In the said interview, he also spoke on race relations, social media, among others. He detailed how the pandemic has provoked a stronger connection in his family – between him, his wife Beyoncé and their three children.

At 51, unlike many, Jay-Z has built a staggering legacy. He’s got interests in music and other businesses and made history years ago as the first hip hop billionaire.

Thanks to the impact he’s made a s a musician and businessman, many around the world look up to him today.

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