Jay-Z’s Mother Gloria Carter Marries Longtime Lover Roxanne Wilshire In Colourful Ceremony

Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter, got married over the weekend in a glamorous ceremony attended by the cream of Hollywood and other influential personalities. On that day, she got married to her longtime partner Roxanne Wiltshire.

Gloria and Roxanne are both women, and it was never easy coming out for the former. It is reported that even when she was with her husband, Jay-Z’s father, she was well aware she was “different.” But the fear of judgment and condemnation forces her to hide her sexuality.

All that is history now, as he has just broken out of her “prison” and formalised her relationship with her partner in a colourful ceremony.

Before this historic moment, though, she had come out to her rapper son as a Lesbian. And the billionaire rapper was all supportive. In fact, he even made a song out of her admission to show his support.

In his track “Smile,” Jay-Z affirmed love as love. It is immaterial whether it is a he loving he or a she loving a she.

And he proved this much again by showing up for his mother, leading other celebs to a ceremony that will most likely be remembered for a long time.


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