Jeannie Mai Expecting First Child Husband Jeezy

“The Real” co-host Jeannie Mai is expecting her first child with her rapper husband Jeezy.

The reality TV star had previously stated that she didn’t want children. So fans were somewhat surprised and shocked when she announced on Monday that she was expecting her first child for Jeezy.

The reality star has changed her mind about having a child and she appears to be in a happy space with the decision she’s taken.

On her talk show, she had admitted in the home where she’s now tending to her baby bump, she had previously made some defiant remarks, including that she knows who she is and she wouldn’t want to be a mom.

Time flies. People change. And so did Jeannie. She’s seriously excited right now about the prospects of becoming a mother. She credited “The Real” talk show with helping her evolve and ultimately making her accept a place she had previously stated she wouldn’t want to be.

Jeezy, 43, got married to Jeannie back in March this year. Prior to their wedding in Atlanta, Jeannie had discovered that she was pregnant. She miscarried. This time, hopefully, she gets to carry the child in her womb.

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