Jeannie Mai Wants Judge To Not Enforce Prenup With Ex Jeezy

“The Real” star Jeannie Mai is asking a judge not to enforce her prenup with ex-husband Jeezy in recent court documents.

The divorce between Jeannie Mai and her ex, Jeezy, continues to heat up. This time, the TV host is asking a judge not to enforce her prenup with her ex. In documents reported by PEOPLE, Jeannie claims she wasn’t given adequate time to review the prenup before signing. According to her, Jeezy negotiations for the agreement only five days before their 2021 wedding.

The TV star also says that the “abbreviated negotiation window” has raised “significant concerns about the adequacy and thoroughness of the due diligence process, and each party’s ‘full and fair disclosure’ of their financial positions.”

She also continues, saying the “compressed timeframe” of the prenup made it “inherently challenging, if not impossible” for the two of them to “engage in comprehensive due diligence.”

She also accused her ex of failing to provide “comprehensive supporting financial documents” that gave a “transparent and detailed view” of his “assets, liabilities and overall financial standing.”

She requests that the judge deny her Jeezy’s motion to enforce their prenup. She also wants the judge to hold off until her team has “thoroughly completed” their discovery.

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