Jennifer Lopez Shouts Out BF, Ben’s Movie On Instagram

American star, Jennifer Lopez shouts out her boyfriend, Ben Affleck’s new movie on Instagram.

Everyone loves to see a celebrity couple that supports each other. That has been the case for stars, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance. This time, twice could be the charm. Also, everyone is talking about how the “I’m Into You” singer shouted out her man’s new film “The Tender Bar” on the gram.

On January 7, she shared a video to her IG stories which shows her opening a PR box she received from the film, which was released in December and is currently available on Prime Video. Opening the box for the camera, it reveals a miniature bowling set included in the movie.

She said “This is adorable from The Tender Bar. Oh. A little note to me on what the movie’s based on, all this stuff from the movie in here. Cute.” Explaining further about the bowling set, she spoke about a “great scene in a bowling alley with Ben and the little boy (played by Daniel Ranieri).” JLo reveals that Ben plays his uncle and says “they’re both amazing in the movie”. She further urges those who haven’t seen the film to check it out.

The film “The Tender Bar” was directed by George Clooney. It was adapted from a memoir of the same name by author, J. R. Moehringer.

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