Jennifer Lopez Stands Out at Paris Fashion Week

American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez stands out as she stuns at Paris Fashion Week.

One thing to know about Jennifer Lopez is that she always comes to slay. She never leaves a carpet without you knowing she was there. The queen recently attended Schiaparelli’s Spring Couture show at Paris Fashion Week and made a resounding statement.

She appeared alongside famous actresses Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and Bella Thorne. JLo wore a white coat made of 7000 rose petals. If you are wondering if they are real rose petals, the answer is “yes.” The coat was made with 7000 of them.

She shared info about the stunning coat on her Instagram, writing, “A coat made of 7,000 real rose petals kept fresh and alive by sugar water, also known as hummingbird nectar.”

Also, Schiaparelli revealed in a post made on Instagram that the back of the coat featured an embroidered phoebus sun. She didn’t stop there. She paired the stunning outfit with gold sunglasses that featured built-in gold eyebrows. Wild right?

The look was designed specifically for the “Hustlers” star by Schiaparelli’s creative director, Daniel Roseberry. It is also part of a larger “Hearts + Flowers Era,” which the actress is in. It is reportedly connected to her forthcoming album, “This Is Me… Now.”

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