Jennifer Lopez Unbothered By Cheating Rumours

Jennifer Lopez is apparently unbothered about the rumours of infidelity swirling around her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. With a project upcoming, she shouldn’t, perhaps.

To show she is totally unbothered about the claims by Madison LeCroy that she had an affair with him, she shared a picture of him with her 141 million-plus followers, calling Alex Rodriguez “my man.”

The post, which was made in the hit of the affair claim, has been liked over 500k times. While some fans praised her, others implored her to run away from Alex, pouring his supposed failings at her feet.

E! News, quoting an insider, indicated that the singer and actress is jetting to the Dominican Republic for her project. Alex, just as busy, will remain in the United States, however. The separation is only temporary, though, as the two are expected to meet again just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Madison LeCroy, a part of the Southern Charm, had stated she was getting to know Alex Rodriguez. On his part, Alex completely denies knowing her. Jennifer Lopez isn’t paying attention to the rumoured affair, so it appears he and Alex are still in the same boat and will be for a long time.

Or what do you think?

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