#Jerusalema: Open Mic Productions Addresses Nomcebo’s Claims in New Statement

Open Mic Productions, the record label to which Master KG and Nomcebo are signed, has released a statement regarding “Jerusalema,” the global hit by both singers, as well as Nomcebo’s earlier statement regarding payment for her contributions to the song.

In a statement, Nomcebo had thanked her fans for their support so far. She had also made it clear that she had not been paid a dime for her contributions to the song and has informed her lawyers to take action accordingly.

Open Mic Productions had released its own statement in which it noted that, from the outset, the agreement was for the artistes to share the proceeds from the song 50/50, but that Nomcebo wanted a higher percentage of the earnings, and there has been a back and forth over this since, with no agreement in sight.

The record label stated that Nomcebo knew this but elected to issue a statement regardless. It clarified that Master KG himself had not been paid a dime from the song. The record label insists both artistes will be paid as soon as they reach an agreement. You can check out the detailed statement below.

By the way, Master KG affirmed Open Mic Production claims on the 50/50 sharing, clarifying that Nomcebo is demanding 70 percent.


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